What is a "knock out box?"?

What is a "knock out box?"?

Knockouts are quarter-size apertures in electrical boxes that are partly stamped and service outlets and switches. When a knockout is removed, electrical wires can be routed into and out of the box. Knockouts are used instead of punching holes in the metal sheathing for each circuit. This saves time and money.

The term "knockout box" is also used to describe an electrical box that is designed to accept a knockout. These are required by code for all cable connections to structures such as walls or beams. The knockout allows for easy access to these connections without having to open up the wall.

Electrical codes require that all exposed wiring within a structure be contained within a protective device such as an electrical box or conduit. This prevents electrical hazards such as sparks that may come from long lengths of unshielded wire. Electrical boxes are required by code for all cable connections to structures such as walls or beams. In addition, knockouts provide space for labeling individual cables when they exit the box.

Codes also require that all circuits inside a dwelling be separated by at least 14 inches.

What is the difference between a knockdown and a knockout?

The distinction between knockdown and knockout as nouns is that a knockdown is the act of knocking someone down or the condition of being knocked down, but a knockout is the act of knocking someone unconscious, or at least unable to get back on their feet within a specific length of time; a tko. A knockout can be either voluntary or involuntary.

In boxing, a knockdown occurs when the opponent falls to the canvas from any cause other than a corner's pull-out or an intentional dive. If the opponent stays down for the duration of the round, it is a technical knockdown. Otherwise, it is a non-technical knockdown. A referee will often call for a break in action while assessing whether the opponent can continue.

A fight can also go into a state known as knockdown dragout (kdd). In this case, there have been so many knockdowns that the judges need to know how they should score the bout. They do this by having one judge score each round starting with the second round. The winner is determined by who scores the most rounds unanimously or by majority vote if there is no consensus.

In wrestling, a knockdown occurs when the opponent hits the mat due to a fall armblock, neckbreaker, or some other legal move. This will usually result in a count from the referee.

What is the knockout punch?

Meanings of knockout punch a strong punch that incapacitates the opponent's ability to continue boxing Biff, clout, lick, poke, punch, slug, KO punch, Sunday punch, haymaker type: biff, clout, lick, poke, punch, slug. Knockout.

The knockout punch is any punch that causes a victim to fall instantly unconscious from either a physical blow or a psychological one.

In combat sports, such as boxing, the knockout punch is usually but not always a powerful straight punch to the head or body that connects with enough force to render the opponent momentarily unconscious.

The word "knockout" comes from the English language and means "to knock out of time". A knockout occurs when someone is knocked out of time by a single strong blow. The term can be applied to animals as well as humans. For example, a boxer may be said to have won an argument by knocking his opponent out of time. Or, a horse that knocks its opponent over in a race has scored a knockout victory.

Knocking someone out of time is different from killing them. If you knock someone out they will never wake up again; if you kill someone then they are dead and cannot come back to life.

People have been hitting one another with closed fists since ancient times.

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