What are the dimensions of a B16.5 flange?

What are the dimensions of a B16.5 flange?

Flange and Bolt Dimensions ASME B16 standard 5Bolt circles and class 150 to 2500 diameters. 5 flanges—from 1/4 to 24 inches—Class 150 to 2500. Weight range 30 to 40 pounds per flange.

The B16.5 size is commonly used in gas piping systems. The B16.5 has 5 holes for bolts, covers up to 16 inches in diameter, and weighs about 39 pounds each.

The B16.5 shell is made of steel with an aluminum core. The thickness of the shell varies from 3/8 inch to 11/2 inch, depending on the application. Steel is used because heat expands metal; therefore, if wood or other materials with low thermal expansion properties are used, the pipe can be closer together without risk of it coming apart at the joints.

Aluminum has almost no thermal expansion so it's useful when joining pipes that will be subjected to heat from hot fluids or gases. The B16.5 shell is welded together at right angles like a square frame. The bolt holes are positioned at regular intervals around the circumference of the shell.

The B16.5 shell forms a complete circle except where it meets the end caps.

How many types of flanges are there?

The most prevalent flange types in ASME B16.5 are, as previously stated, Welding Neck, Slip On, Socket Weld, Lap Joint, Threaded, and Blind Flange. Each kind is described briefly and defined in depth below, along with an illustration.

Welding neck flanges have one flat surface that can be welded together with other similar welding necks to form a cylinder. These are most commonly used when you need to combine several pipes for greater strength or size. The pipe ends must be threaded for welding, but they don't have to be finished otherwise.

Slip on flanges have one smooth surface and one flat surface that can be welded together. They are used where only simple connections between two pipes are needed, such as for making temporary repairs to a pipeline. The pipe ends do not have to be threaded for using a slip on.

Socket weld flanges have two flat surfaces that can be welded together with other similar socket welds. They are used where the joint needs to be strong, such as in high pressure pipelines.

Lap joint flanges have one flat surface and one slightly curved surface that can be welded together.

What size bolts for the 6300 flange?

Dimensions of Bolting for 300 lb. Flanges

Nom. Pipe Size300 Lb. Steel Flanges

What size bolts for 4 flanges?

The Bolting Chart for Flanges

150 LB. Flanges
Nominal Pipe Size# Bolts or StudsDia of Bolts or Studs

What do you need to know about B16.5 pipe fittings?

NPS 1/2 through 24 B16.5-Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings Pressure-temperature ratings, materials, dimensions, tolerances, labeling, testing, and methods of identifying apertures for pipe flanges and flanged fittings are all covered by this standard. The National Pipe Threading Association (NPTA) has issued a revised and updated version of their B16.5 fitting specification.

A B16.5 fitting is used when the pressure rating of the joint is 16 psi or greater. It has two external threads on one face and one internal thread on the other face. The outside diameter of the male part is 0.625 inch, while the inside diameter of the female part is 0.750 inch. The distance between the centers of the two threads is 0.450 inch. The fitting is designed to be used with NPS 1/2 through 24 pipe.

B16.5 fittings come in three sizes: NPS 1/2 through 14, NPS 15 through 24. Each size fits pipes of corresponding diameters from one to four inches. For example, an NPS 1/2 through 14 B16.5 fitting can be used with pipes ranging in size from 1/2 inch to 2 inches in diameter. Similarly, an NPS 15 through 24 fitting can be used with pipes ranging in size from 1 5/8 inches to 4 inches in diameter.

What is a standard ANSI flange?

ANSI standard flange dimensions are 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500 in NPS 1/2 through NPS 24 sizes. Types of ANSI Class Flanges Flanges are primarily designed to seal, cover, join, or support pipe systems, regardless of size or specification. The term "flange" comes from the fact that they were originally made by welding together the faces of two identical half-sections.

A standard ANSI flange has one flat side that can be bolted to a surface, such as a wall, with eight threaded holes spaced around the circumference. A washer-like device called a gasket sits between the flange and the surface to which it is being attached. Sealing pressure is applied to the other side of the flange, which contains a matching set of holes. A locking nut goes on this side to secure the flange against rotation while water flows through the piping system.

The type and size of ANSI flanges that match up with your pipes are determined by their application. For example, if you were to connect several small pipes together to form one larger pipe, a 150-inch-diameter (3.5 cm) ANSI B type flange would fit most properly. If you were to connect one large pipe to another large pipe, a 500-inch-diameter (12.5 cm) ANSI C type flange would fit best.

What are the dimensions of the ANSI B16 valve?

FACE TO FACE DIMENSIONS OF AN ANSI B16 VALVE Inch (mm) nch (mm) nch (mm) nch (mm) nch (mm) nch (mm) Inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) an inch (mm) Valve Dimensions Raised-Face Welding End Ring and Groove Raised Face Ring and Groove Raised-Face Welding End Ring and Groove Raised-Face Welding End Ring and Groove Welding End CLASS 900 CLASS 1500 CLASS 2500 CLASS 3500 CLASS 4500 CLASS 5000+ CLASS 5500+

What size is B5 compared to A4?

A4-210 x 297 mm (equivalent to 8 1/4 x 11 3/4 in) 176 x 250 mm B5 (approx. 7 x 10 in).

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