Should you hunt rubs during the rut?

Should you hunt rubs during the rut?

Back to reality: Rubs, especially those located along rub lines, do provide an ambush opportunity—just not during the rut's apex. Instead, pursue rub lines during the pre-rut, when bucks use a limited number of sleeping places and movement routes. During this time, they'll usually bed down for the night in the same general area each time. The next day, they might travel some distance before finding another good bedding site. By tracking these beds over several days or weeks, you can find where most bucks spend their nights.

The rut is a lot of fun, but also a dangerous time for hunters. Because deer use hormones during the rut to communicate with other members of the herd, it increases their activity level, which makes them more likely to notice approaching humans. This becomes particularly important if you plan on using a high-powered rifle from a standing position. Since deer tend to sleep in the same place each night, hunting during the rut is similar to setting up camp every evening. That way, if your target bedded down near something tasty, you can return to it first thing in the morning.

If you're thinking about hunting rubs, here are some things to consider before taking that leap. First, rubs are popular areas with lots of deer. So if you go looking for action, you may end up seeing a lot of people instead.

Is it better to hunt scrapes or rubs?

Although scrapes can attract and affect deer behavior, rubs are a far more effective deer signal. Bucks use rubs to demonstrate authority, according to specialists like John J. Ozoga. As a result, adult bucks produce the most and largest rubs each season. > span class="icon-playbox-blue" /> Watch videos about hunting techniques and wildlife biology at the International Hunter Education website.

Scrapes are shallow depressions in the ground that appear after heavy rain or snowfall. They can be found near vegetation that is nutritious for deer, such as corn and soybeans. Because they aren't as deep as rubs, scratches are easier to miss if you're scanning through brush with binoculars or a spotting scope. However, since bucks tend to scrape areas where they see activity (such as signs of predators or competitors), scraping itself is often a good indicator that food is available elsewhere in the area. Scratching also serves to communicate information about your presence and intentions to other members of the herd.

Rubs are large, circular mounds of dirt and grass that indicate the presence of nutritious vegetation for eating. Rubs are usually located in open areas away from tree cover so that animals can reach them easily. However, since rubs can be spotted from a distance using trail cameras or by hunters on foot or horseback, careful consideration should be given before removing vegetation around them.

Should you hunt for a rub line?

Rub lines are preferable since they not only display a concentration of indications, but also provide a clear direction in which your target buck like to walk. Depending on where food is situated, a rub line read correctly can indicate you where your buck is moving in the morning and evening. For example, if there's corn out in the open and his bed is next to some stalks, your buck will most likely walk toward the corn first thing in the morning and again before nightfall.

He might not be using his antler sways to find food, but he still needs to eat so he'll be doing that wherever he happens to be at the time. By tracking him during rub-out periods (morning and evening), you have a good chance of catching him when it comes time to harvest his rack.

You should always try to shoot as close to 100 percent as possible because missing shots means missed opportunities. However, if you do miss once in a while, that's okay as long as you don't miss too often. A few poor shots here and there won't hurt you if you're shooting accurately most times.

However, if you're consistently missing the mark, it could be a sign that you need new equipment. Maybe your gun isn't up to par or maybe you need something more powerful.

When do you use a "mock deer scrape"?

During the pre-rut period of the mating season, many hunters employ imitation scrapes. This is when most bucks leave their bachelor groups and start looking for does. Increased activity may result in increased traffic and curiosity from passing bucks. Check out these hunting pro recommendations for more information about the rut.

What are rubs?

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