Is there a real Excalibur sword?

Is there a real Excalibur sword?

A MEDIEVAL sword discovered lodged in a rock at the bottom of a Bosnian river has been dubbed "Excalibur." Because of parallels in how it was discovered, the 700-year-old blade has been linked to King Arthur's mythical magical sword. It was discovered 36 feet beneath the surface, lodged in solid rock. The river flows over rocks that are constantly reworking the earth's crust.

The National Museum in Sarajevo is planning to display the sword next year during its annual exhibition on medieval weaponry. It is believed to be the only known example of its kind. The sword is made from iron with some silver and copper additions; it measures 35 inches (89 cm) long. The rock it was found in is called "Sava," which means "silver" in Serbian.

People have been searching for relics connected to King Arthur and his knights for hundreds of years. In 1403, two Englishmen traveling through Wales came across the remains of what they thought was a huge castle. Inside they found walls with rooms arranged around a central courtyard, as well as an entrance hall with steps leading up to a platform where there were more stairs going down into the basement. They took away parts of the building materials with them back to England, where they reconstructed part of the castle using these materials. This became known as "Arthur's Castle."

Is the Excalibur sword real?

According to mythology, King Arthur was the only person who could draw the sword Excalibur from a stone, establishing him as the legitimate successor to Britain in the 5th and early 6th centuries. The sword is said to have fallen into the river after the Battle of Mount Badon, when the legendary king fell off his horse during a fight with the dragon Gorihorn. Although no one knows for sure where the sword came from, it's believed it may have been found in this same area about 15 years ago. They thought it was a piece of ancient jewelry until they pulled it out of the mud.

The rock it was stuck in had an iron ring attached to it with chain mail wrapped around the ring three times. There were also two copper nails stuck in the rock next to the sword. The sword itself is made of silver and has a blade that's nearly 20 inches long. It has two hand guards and a pommel made of gold. There are words engraved on the sword back, but they're too worn away to make out.

According to local legend, anyone who pulls the sword out of the rock will be victorious in war. However, there's no evidence that this story ever existed before written records began so it's possible it was made up by someone looking for fame or money.

What is special about the sword Excalibur?

Excalibur (/ek' [email protected]/) is King Arthur's fabled sword, which is variously linked to magical abilities or Britain's rightful sovereignty....

What is the Excalibur sword?

Excalibur is a mythical sword from British mythology. It belonged to King Arthur. The sword and its name have become immensely prominent in popular culture, appearing in both literature and cinema. Excalibur represents heavenly kingship and enormous might. It is said that no knight should be able to draw the blade out of its sheath unless he or she has earned the right to do so.

Excalibur was the legendary sword of King Arthur. According to legend, King Arthur ordered that the sword be made for him. The sword was created by Sir Turlough, a master swordsmith who lived in the early 6th century. King Arthur defeated the evil dragon Morgant in a battle for possession of the sword. As punishment, Gawain was forced to kill his best friend, Lancelot, because he had loved Guinevere, Arthur's wife. After Gawain failed to destroy the sword, he was himself killed by an arrow from Queen Guenevere's bow. King Arthur then died too, leaving the task of ruling the kingdom to Guenevere and her brother Leodegrance.

In some versions of the story, Excalibur does not belong to King Arthur but to Lady Elaine instead. She gives it to Arthur when they meet on the battlefield and tells him to defend it with his life. If he fails, the sword will return to Elaine.

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