Is Ethan Allen's furniture real wood?

Is Ethan Allen's furniture real wood?

Ethan Allen Furniture's History When you check behind the back of most Ethan Allen furniture from this era, you'll notice that it's made of actual wood, not particle board or staples. Ethan Allen furniture from this era is often crafted using native United States forest woods rather than imported Asian woods. These woods include maple, pine, oak, and cherry.

During this time, wood was in high demand and expensive so many manufacturers used wood substitutes instead. They would coat the inside of their furniture with resin which is a type of plastic. Then they would stain the outside of the piece to look like wood.

In fact, almost all office furniture from this era is made this way. It's called imitation wood because you cannot eat it nor can you burn it. It's just there to look good!

Today, most people know this about Allen's furniture but some might be surprised by what happens to many vintage pieces. The coating may come off over time as the furniture is used, allowing you to see the true color of the wood underneath. This is especially common with chairs that people have stained themselves!

The coating also helps protect the wood from moisture and insects. Without it, the wood would eventually decay. Over time, the coating will wear away and need to be replaced. But the wood itself is still healthy even after years of use if it's kept clean.

Does Ethan Allen use real wood?

When you check behind the back of most Ethan Allen furniture from this era, you'll notice that it's made of actual wood, not particle board or staples. In most cabinets and dressers, wood panels are used in between the drawers. These are usually cherry, maple, or walnut. The legs are usually carved from a single piece of wood and then varnished to give them a dark finish. The upholstery work is also done by hand so there are no sewing machines involved.

Ethan Allen did use some metal parts in their early furniture but as time went on they increased their use of wood so now almost all of their furniture is entirely made of wood.

There are several reasons why Ethan Allen uses real wood instead of particle board for their furniture. First of all, it's much more durable. Particle board tends to go soft when exposed to moisture which makes it vulnerable to rotting. Wood, on the other hand, will not rot even if it gets wet. It's also heavier than particle board which makes it more sturdy. Finally, working with wood gives the employees at Ethan Allen a job to do. Instead of putting their names on a piece of furniture, they can actually make something beautiful!

Where is Ethan Allen furniture made?

Ethan Allen operates plants all around North America, including the original facility in Beecher Falls, Vermont. The bulk of the furniture offered by the company is manufactured in the United States, while the merchant does utilize a few overseas suppliers as well.

What products does Ethan Allen sell?

Ethan Allen sells bedroom and dining room furniture, such as bed frames, dressers, nightstands, and armoires. The company also offers outdoor furniture such as patio sets, lawn chairs, and umbrellas. In addition, Ethan Allen sells home office furniture such as file cabinets and bookcases. Finally, they produce decorative items such as mirrors and candleholders.

How did Ethan Allen start making furniture?

Ethan Allen was founded in 1866 by New York City-based entrepreneur Ethan Allen. At first, the company produced woodenware such as boxes and barrels, but it soon expanded its offerings to include bedroom furniture. By 1890, Ethan Allen had moved its headquarters to Vermont, where it remains today.

What is special about Ethan Allen furniture?

Ethan Allen furniture is known for its quality construction and elegant design. All of the company's products are handcrafted from solid wood and finished with American-made materials. In addition, most pieces come with warranty cards that guarantee their quality and durability.

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