How much is a Steve Urkel doll worth?

How much is a Steve Urkel doll worth?

There are a lot of these for sale on eBay, with prices ranging from $8 for a specimen lacking Urkel's huge spectacles to over $30 for a doll in its original container. The price of a Steve Urkel doll depends on how many accessories it has and how well-known Urkel is where you live. For example, a licensed Steve Urkel merchandise line produced by Mattel features many different dolls that range in price from $15 to $20 each.

Urkels are popular in some countries, such as France and Canada, but not in others, such as America. There have been several reasons given for this phenomenon, but the most common one is that American audiences did not find him amusing. Some people think he's cute, but most people think he looks like a little kid who should be playing outside instead of sitting inside watching cartoons.

The first Steve Urkel doll was released in 1990 by National General Group under their "Little People" category. They made him out of plastic and he had 8 accessories: A phone book, a basketball, a football, a baseball bat, a skateboard, a bicycle, and a scooter. He also came with a file folder that said "Steve's Homework" on it. The file folder was attached to his back with a pin so you could take it off if you wanted to.

How much are the Franklin Heirloom Dolls worth?

In any case, most of these dolls aren't worth much these days, and they're being sold for as little as $5. In recent years, the most common price for these dolls has been $15 to $20. They're a pretty rare item that even though they were popular for about 10 years, not many of them were made.

Franklin's Heirloom Doll Company was founded in 1919 by Frank J. Lincoln. He had seen similar products on the market at the time and decided to create his own version with some new ideas of his own. These dolls were unique in that they were hand painted right here in America. Also, they included various real hair items such as wigs, hats, and curls which made them quite realistic-looking.

The company first produced three different men's models before launching four more female characters. Each doll cost between $15 and $20 at the time they were released. The company eventually closed its doors in 1926 after losing popularity due to competition from other brands who were now making their own vinyl toys. There have been reports of these dolls selling on eBay for up to $150, but most people expect them to sell for less than that.

In conclusion, these dolls are very expensive today because they were popular a few years ago.

How much is Princess Diana's doll worth?

Normally, individuals try to sell these dolls on eBay and other sites for between $25 and $100. If you want to buy this doll because you saw it offered online, I would start by paying the individual roughly $20–25 for it.

The price of your doll will depend on how rare it is. There are several versions of this doll that differ only slightly from one another. So if you find one with less wear and tear or a special edition, it might be worth more.

Princess Diana was an important figure in pop culture when she was alive and after her death. Her story continues to inspire people around the world. As such, there are still many people who have fond memories of Princess Diana and her work with AIDS awareness and animal protection. Her role as queen consort of England made her famous too. She received many gifts during her marriage to Prince Charles including one of his own paintings which now sells for $4 million-$5 million.

After her divorce from Prince Charles, Princess Diana continued to receive gifts but they became more expensive. One doll that was given to her by a 3-year-old girl sold for $150,000. Another gift, this time from Oprah Winfrey, sold for $1 million. These are just some of the many examples of what people were willing to give up their favorite things to help others.

How much are Ginny dolls worth?

According to Carchedi, an original hard plastic Ginny doll that cost $3.95 in the 1950s can now fetch up to $250, depending on condition and model. He says some collectors believe there were two different sculptors for these dolls and they should be distinguished by details such as the type of hair style used or the color of their dresses.

Ginny dolls were first produced by Walter & Co. in 1954. The company was based in New York City and also made Annabelle dolls which are similar but not identical to Ginny dolls. In 1960, Walter's owner decided to rename his product line and so all references to Ginny had already been removed from boxes by then. However, many fans still call them Ginny dolls today even though no one else does.

Walter's sold about 5,000 of these dolls in its first year on the market. They estimated that average sales price was close to $100 back then which makes them quite a profitable venture.

Over time, they became more expensive and in 1999 one sold for $150,000. Since then, they have become increasingly rare with only several examples known to exist today. One such example is housed in the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

How much are Collectors' Choice dolls worth?

People have listed dolls like these for as little as $1 and as much as $25. You should be able to sell the doll for $5 to $10 in most cases. There are several sites that list collectible dolls online.

Do collectors' choice dolls make good gifts? Yes, they are great gifts for any collector. People who love toys and games will enjoy seeing one of their favorite characters from television or film brought to life in plastic form. These dolls also make wonderful investments because of their high quality and popular culture theme.

What is special about collectors' choice dolls? They are chosen by fans like yourself. When people vote on which dolls should be made into collectors' choices, they help decide which characters will appear in future episodes of the show. This way you will always know what characters are coming next!

Are there any drawbacks to buying a collectors' choice doll? There can be waiting periods before certain characters are picked out so it may take some time before you get your doll. Also, some fans may want different things in a doll than others so not every character will be chosen as a collector's choice.

Is it safe to buy online? Yes, buying online is safe.

How much is an Elvis Presley doll worth?

According to "Toys, Antique and Collectible," by David Longest, available for $16.95 shipped through Collector Books, Box 3009, Paducah, Ky. 42002, such a doll, created in the 1930s by Ideal Toy and Novelty, stands 12 inches high and has a contemporary worth of $150 to $325. (phone 800-626-5420).

Elvis Presley dolls have been sold at auction since 1992 and have always brought large sums of money. In February 1992, one sold for $40,000.

Elvis dolls are popular with both children and adults who enjoy collecting memorabilia. Like other collectibles, value increases as time passes. The more rare he is kept, the higher it will be valued. There are three main types of Elvis dolls: 1 late 1950s/early 1960s, when most people first heard his voice on the radio; 2 mid-1960s, right after he started selling millions of albums; 3 later years, when he was becoming less famous but still active in music.

There are many factors that go into determining how much these dolls are worth. Age is only one of them. If you find a good deal, you could probably sell it for more than what it costs to buy it new. Quality also plays a role. If it's a poor quality doll that doesn't look like it did at some point in time, it won't be worth very much.

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