How do you get the demon's great machete?

How do you get the demon's great machete?

Shiva of the East can sell you this weapon. It may be purchased from him for around 10,000 souls. The Capra Demons are another source of this weapon. They will give it to you as a reward for killing their brother, the Capra Demon.

There is also a chance that you may find it lying in the street when you first arrive in Los Santos. However, it is very rare for this to happen as most people who find it take it straight to Rockstar to sell or use on their own person.

If you kill someone with this knife then they will drop the weapon. Be careful not to drop it in open areas where it will be visible by others.

Here are some statistics about this knife:

It has a weight of about 110 pounds.

Its blade is about 15 inches long.

One gunnite bullet will destroy it.

It can be used to cut through almost anything including metal, wood, and flesh.

However, it is not recommended to use this knife on humans or animals because they could die due to blood loss.

Can you get a Rais Machete?

This weapon is no longer available through conventional sources. To obtain it, you must locate a person who possesses the weapon and have that player copy it for you. The former method of acquisition, or a joke from an editor, was to find it in the arena on the map's left top side. It is labeled as being worth $10,000.

If you trade with someone who has one, you will receive a message saying so. You can also sell weapons from the crime scene. The price depends on how rare the weapon is. If you want to sell something rare, such as the Rais machete, you should go to a city where there are many people who want to buy it. For example, if you go to Los Santos, there will be people who want to purchase your illegal weapons.

In order to sell weapons at the crime scene, you need to have a good reputation. When you arrive at the crime scene, you will see "Weapon Sales" written on a billboard nearby. You can also write your own price on a note card and place it inside a plastic bag containing the weapon. Then, stand near a streetlight for a few hours and someone will come by and buy your gun.

What is the demon blade made of?

Its blade is engraved with symbols, and its grip is constructed of wood or bone. Only Knights of Hell, such as Abaddon and Cain, and Princes of Hell, such as Ramiel, have been proved to be immune to the knife's killing power. However, both types of demons can be defeated with enough firepower.

There have been reports that the Demon Blade can kill other demons, but this has not been confirmed by any source. It is possible that some very powerful demons have found a way to bend or break the blade's rules by using their own power instead.

It is estimated that there are only about 300 Demon Blades in existence. Of these, about 200 are believed to be in Hell while the others are located in secret vaults across the world. There have been reported sightings outside of hell itself, most likely carried out by renegade blades who have defected from Hell to do battle with angels.

Some believe that the Demon Blade was once an angel weapon used by one of God's greatest enemies during his time on Earth. If this is true, then it is possible that all angels are immune to the knife's effects because they were never meant to die. Instead, they would be sent back to Heaven after being defeated in order-to wait for a future day when they would be called upon again to fight against evil.

How do I get the lost sinner's sword?

Trade the Lost Sinner's Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex. He will give you the Sword of Light.

Where do I get the Black Knight Sword?

It's near the Demon Ruins Bonfire, hidden behind an artificial wall. You will come upon a Black Knight engaged in combat with a Ghru. Proceed forward, and the sword lies on the body to your left.

If you have the Hidden Object Game enabled, there is also a button that will open this scene up for viewing.

Also worth mentioning is that if you have the Word Search game enabled, there is a small word search puzzle located near the sword that can be solved by clicking everywhere except on the words themselves. This scene cannot be skipped if you want to get the sword.

Finally, if you have the Memory Game enabled, there is a piece of evidence lying near the sword that can be scanned to reveal a memory card icon. There are three cards attached to the scene's journal page. Clicking on each one will play a different memory scene where you must find other evidence belonging to one of the victims. The memories will not always appear in order, so it's best to scan all three cards before moving on.

Once you have found all four objects, return to the knight and take his sword. It is now available in your inventory.

Now you can visit the town market anytime after midnight to sell the sword for cash.

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