Did the Billy the Kid croquet picture sell?

Did the Billy the Kid croquet picture sell?

A $2 junk shop purchase that included a portrait of iconic Wild West criminal Billy the Kid and the Regulators gang might potentially sell up to $5 million. Randy Guijarro discovered this intriguing 4x5 inch tintype photograph of a group playing croquet at a Fresno, CA junk shop in 2010. Since then it has been featured on The Dr. Phil Show and in various other news articles.

Guijarro told ABC News that he bought the photo for $2 at a junk store in Fresno, California, where he lives. "I thought it was a real photo until I researched it a little bit," he said. "I found out it was actually one of those fake photos they used back in the 1800s to make people think there were big gangs roaming around the West killing each other."

The photographer is unknown but researchers believe it may have been taken by an unidentified member of the Pinkerton Agency, which worked for the cattle industry to bust farmers and union organizers during the late 19th century and early 20th century. The agency had a presence in every Western state except Montana and Wyoming.

Billy the Kid was born William Bonney in 1859 and became one of America's most wanted men after he shot his former lawman in 1890. He died at age 28 after being hit by a car near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Did Billy the Kid play croquet?

Billy the Kid and members of the Lincoln County Regulators posse are shown playing croquet in the photograph, which was acquired in Fresno in 2010. According to a National Public Radio article, experts at Kagin Inc. confirmed it after more than a year of study. The company has also identified other pictures that show people with beards and long hair wearing clothes similar to those worn by the men in the Croquet photo.

The Kid was born William Bonney in New York City on April 20, 1858. His parents were George Washington Bonney and Mary Ann McCarty. When he was five years old, his family moved to Nebraska, where his father had been hired as county sheriff. He grew up there, receiving an informal education, before moving to Wyoming when he was 19. He became involved in lawlessness during its early days in Wyoming, working as a cowhand and stagecoach driver before being recruited by a group of businessmen from Boston who offered him $3,000 per month to work for them. He agreed, but did not last long because they did not pay him enough money.

He then went back to riding horses for money, this time for the Pony Express. In June 1879, he robbed a mail train at night near Hyannis, Kansas, taking out letters for several towns before getting caught by a posse.

Has the Billy the Kid croquet photo sold?

The prospect piqued our interest. Who wouldn't want another snapshot of one of the West's most renowned outlaws? The sole genuine image of the Kid has already shown its worth, selling for $2.3 million in 2011 at Brian Lebel's Old West Auction. It's safe to say that there are still plenty of people who think the world would be a better place if Billy the Kid had never been born.

When asked about the value of his collection, Lebel said, "I'd estimate it's worth hundreds of millions of dollars." He went on to add that not even all of his treasures were auctioned off that day.

Lebel died a few months later, but he was able to witness the continued rise in price of both his public and private collections. In fact, the top lot of the day, a hand-painted mural by Charles M. Russell depicting a scene from the Indian Wars with dozens of characters including General Custer, Chief Joseph, and Buffalo Bill himself, sold for $4.5 million.

With records like these, it's no wonder people continue to find new ways to make money off of things they get their hands on or old stories that come back into the news.

How much is Billy the Kid worth?

A photograph discovered in 2015, believed to be worth $US5 million, A snapshot of the child discovered in 2015 has subsequently been valued at $US5 million. In 2011, a tintype photograph of the child was auctioned for $US2. 2 million. Experts feel a photograph of the New Mexico criminal with Garrett would be far more valuable. The photo was taken around 1875 when Billy the Kid was about 14 years old.

After his death in 1909 at the age of 28, Billy the Kid's body was returned to New Mexico for burial in Santa Fe National Cemetery. The state government gave permission for any family members to attend the funeral. Many people came from all over the world to see this famous young outlaw laid to rest.

Billy the Kid's estate was worth less than $10,000 when it was sold under supervision of the court administrator in 1931. The estate included two horses and some mules. There were also four cows on hand but no other property or assets.

In 2016, another Billy the Kid image was found by researchers who were looking through old photographs for evidence of US President John F. Kennedy before he was assassinated in 1963. This picture was dated June 30, 1908, which means that at the time, Billy was only eight years old. However, because there are no other images of him available, people believe that this is indeed Billy the Kid.

Why did Billy the Kid steal?

Billy the Kid, about 1879-1880: From his early robberies through his days as a frontier gunman to his dramatic death, Billy the Kid is a Wild West legend. He was to outlaws what Wyatt Earp was to lawmen: a legendary figure whose legacy lives on. Billy the Kid stole because he wanted money to go west when there were no jobs in the east for poor farmers.

There are many stories about Billy's life but none of them can be verified. Here we will just focus on how he became a famous outlaw in the first place. In New Mexico in 1880, there was an election to choose a state legislator. The voters had the option of voting for either one of two candidates: John Tunstall or William McCarty. Since neither man received a majority of votes, they went to Congress where Tunstall represented New Mexico at that time. However, after several months, Congress removed him from office because he had supported slavery before it was abolished. Then the governor appointed McCarty to replace him. McCarty accepted the appointment but soon after he arrived in Washington, D.C., he was killed by a gunshot wound to the head. Some people said this was done by members of Congress but nothing can be proven. After McCarty died, Billy the Kid took over his job as representative for New Mexico in Congress.

So Billy the Kid was both senator and congressman at the same time? No, only one position at a time.

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