Can you hunt deer on Sunday in PA?

Can you hunt deer on Sunday in PA?

In December of 2019, Tom Wolf approved Senate Bill 147, allowing the Pennsylvania Game Commission to designate three Sundays for hunting in 2020. In turn, the PGC extended Sunday hunting to archery deer hunters on November 22 and guns deer hunters on November 29. The new schedule goes into effect this season.

Pennsylvania is one of four states (along with Delaware, New York, and Virginia) that allows Sunday hunting. However, since 1970, when the federal prohibition on hunting on Sunday ended, all states have been allowed to set their own dates for legal hunts.

The Pennsylvania law allows anyone over 16 years old to hunt deer during Sunday hours. It does not matter whether you are a resident or non-resident of the state, you can be able to hunt on Sunday. You need to check with your local game commission regarding specific regulations and restrictions for Sunday hunting.

Deer are most active during the day, so being visible is important for successful hunting. Wear bright colors and make sure they are clean and free of any odor. Use calls if you want, but never use scents because they could drive away some of the deer. If possible, try to stay out of sight at first until the deer comes into range where you can shoot it safely.

There are several ways to kill a deer.

What are the dates for deer season in PA?

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners confirmed the adjustments on Saturday, declaring that the normal firearms deer season for antlerless and antlered deer will be held from Nov. 27 to Dec. 11. For those who have saved the date, hunting will be open on Sunday, November. 29.

The only exception is for hunters who receive a tag through the lottery system. These tags will be valid for the regular firearms season, which has been moved back one week to Dec. 18-24.

Public land deer seasons in Pennsylvania will end at different times this year. The main difference is whether or not you need a license to hunt them. License types include: general, special, nonresident, public land resident (for people who live in Pennsylvania but don't have a license), youth (under 18), and veteran (honorably discharged military personnel).

General licenses are available online beginning in October at You can also apply in person at any district office during business hours. There is no charge for an initial license application, but there is a $10 fee if you want to renew it online or at a district office. Licenses are good for five years.

Can I hunt on Sunday in PA?

In November 2020, the state allowed big-game hunting on Sundays for the first time, opening hunting on three consecutive Sundays. According to early indications, the Pennsylvania Game Commission deemed the Sunday hunts a success. The commission reported that license sales were up and that participation by more than one hundred hunters was expected during each of the three days of the trial program.

Big game animals are protected under Pennsylvania law. Hunting them is illegal except as permitted by statute or administrative order. Statutory exceptions include deer, which can be hunted on Sunday if it has been hunted previously on another day of the week, and bear, which can be hunted on Sunday during certain times of the year. Administrative orders permit certain state agencies to issue permits for specific activities such as fishing or hunting. These include orders issued by the Pennsylvania Fish Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

License requirements for hunting vary depending on the species and whether you want to shoot deer or bear. Before you go out hunting, be sure to check the licensing requirements for the animal you plan to shoot.

Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania is not new. In fact, it has been available since October 30, 2019 - a trial period that allowed for feedback from hunters about when and how often they would like to see Sunday hunting conducted in Pennsylvania.

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